Head Coach

Assistant Coach

Baseball (Varsity)

Joe Carden

Basketball (Boys Varsity)

Reggie Bess

Basketball (Boys Junior Varsity)

Adrian Brown

Basketball (Girls Varsity)

Jamie Willoughby


Jessica Jones

Cross Country

Miles Stafford

Football (Varsity)

Jeff Craddock

Ricky Babb, Andrew Harding

Football (Junior Varsity)

Riley Hurdle

Soccer (Boys)

Anthony Burns

Soccer (Girls)

Anthony Burns

Softball (Varsity)

Riley Hurdle

Softball (Junior Varsity)

Michael DeBlois

Tennis (Boys)

LaQuez Harrell

Tennis (Girls Varsity)

Jamie Willoughby

Track & Field (Boys)

Rickie Dozier

Track & Field (Girls)

Jamie Williams

Volleyball (Varsity)

Shavon Shaw

Keyerra Lloyd

Volleyball (Junior Varsity)

Meredith Capps


Kevin Rawls

Quentin Knight

Directions to Opponents

Directions to Washington High School: (approximately 52 min.)   

Directions to Northern Nash High School: (approximately 25 min.)

Directions to Southside High School: (approximately 53 min.) 

Directions to Northside High School: (approximately 1 hr. 9 min.)

Directions to Pamlico High School: (approximately 1 hr. 28 min.)

Directions to Jones Senior High School: (approximately 1 hr. 33 min.) 

Directions to Riverside High School: (approximately 31 min.)